How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your Blood

16 Jul

Cocaine, much like any other drug, the system stays within a specific time period. People take drugs to undergo testing to prove they are not substance abusers, especially those who live inside the body’s need to know how long.

What is cocaine?

It is an alkaloid that is extracted from the leaves of the cocoa. It is illegal to experience pleasant sensations is used as a narcotic. In addition, and use on a regular basis, can be highly addictive substance. The body and its users may be more damage to the central nervous system. Frequent use of the drug can lead to problems like:

• Bowel gangrene
• Heart problems
• Nasal disorders
• Immunodeficiency syndrome such as AIDS,

The stimulant use is prohibited by law. Various public and private organizations among its employees are strict laws regarding non-use of cocaine. From time to time, such organizations or people they are not drug users, are subject to tests to determine.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your Blood?

The period for which the drug remains in the system depends on various factors such as:

• Age
• Body Mass
• Dose of cocaine
• Term of use
• Form of Matter
• Frequency of use
• Individual metabolism (degeneration) rate

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your BloodAll traces of the drug are removed from the system within 2-3 days, that is a misconception. Laboratory tests but addictive substances or metabolites within the user’s system does not aim to detect degrades the product. The main metabolite of cocaine for a month or more users remain inside the body which is Benzoylecgonine. Cocaine for 72 hours in the blood and in the urine after use can last for a maximum period of 7 days.

Blood drug test

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your Blood? After each dose, the substance in the bloodstream for anywhere from a few minutes to 5-6 hours can be found. They are quite expensive to operate as a blood test for cocaine is generally not carried out.
This kind of test is a bit expensive yet the circulation of blood through the body of knowledge on the effects of cocaine as such, although many cases are recommended by doctors. Here’s a sample of blood is taken in order to detect cocaine metabolites in the blood is subjected to medical tests. Cocaine as long as 5-6 hours after a single dose of its the drug can be detected in the blood within minutes. This is one of the most sought after test results and are considered the most accurate of all.